18 April 2011

AS3 function to rotate a 2D or 3D MovieClip or Sprite around its center or change to any registration point

OK here we go - I looked everywhere for this one but only found bits of code from various forums and blogs that were part of classes and packages and as such, full of dependent variables. Anyway, after a bit of advice from the very helpful community at StackOverflow and a bit of tinkering, she's up and running!

The function below will rotate a DisplayObject around any point on a 2D or 3D plane. This is particularly useful for rotating around an object's center point so this is the default behaviour. Enjoy!

Please see right hand pane before copying my code >>>

function rotObj(mc, angle, axis="Z", regX='center', regY=0, regZ=0) {
 mc.z=mc.z //workaround for matrix3D bug
 if (axis=="X") {
 } else if (axis=="Y") {
 } else if (axis=="Z") {
 if(regX=='center'){//get center point:
 mc.transform.matrix3D.appendRotation(angle, axis);
rotObj(myMC, 45)  //rotates myMC 45 degrees around its center point
rotObj(myMC, 45, "Y") //rotates myMC 45 degrees on Y axis around its center point
rotObj(myMC, 45, "X", 200, 300) //rotates myMC 45 degrees on X axis around the point 200,300


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