24 November 2009

PHP: How to upload ZIP, check if file exists within it & extract to the server

I had to do this today for a job. It took far longer than it should have. The resources online are minimal and php.net does not mention any keywords like file_exists on manual for the function needed to do this. so...

Here is the best way to check if an uploaded zip archive contains a certain file and if so, extract the entire contents to a directory on your server:

Please see right hand panel before copying>

$zipFile=$_FILES["your file field name here"];

if($zipFile["error"] == UPLOAD_ERR_OK){
        $zip = new ZipArchive;
        $res = $zip->open($zipFile["tmp_name"]);
        if ($res === TRUE) {
                //put extra functions here if you want
                echo "ERROR: Uploaded zip archive is missing a required file!";
            echo "ERROR: Could not open uloaded zip archive";
        echo "ERROR: Uploaded file is not a zip archive"
    echo  "ERROR: The upload was not successful";


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