17 July 2011

AS3: Wave of values class function - produces incremental and decremental values

Sometimes it's necessary to have a value increment until it gets to a certain point and then have it decrement again in a wave shape. A simple Math.sin() calculation will work in some cases but its not easy to control the increment using that method. This handy & simple class makes it quick and easy to do just this. There's lots of room for improvements & additions so feel free to post updates :)

Please see right hand pane before copying my code- thanks! >

package com.cron {
 public class valueWave {
  private var inc,startno,counter,max,min //counter is always>0
  public var num //latest value
  public function valueWave($min:Number=0, $max:Number=10, $increment:Number=1, $startno:Number=0 ) {
    trace("valueWave ERROR: max must be greater than min")
  public function next(){
   if(max==0){return(num);} //disable if max and min are the same
   num = Math.abs((counter % (2*(max-min))) - (max-min)) + min;
   counter += inc;
  public function reset(){

//the code above should be saved as [your root class path]/com/cron/valueWave.as
import com.cron.valueWave

var W=new valueWave(1,10,1,5);




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